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Our cable assembly and cable manufacturing services

Product range

Product range

Production of power supply cables from cable production to assembly.


We produce harmonized PVC pipes on site in Trochtelfingen for numerous branches of industry.
Process reliability

Process reliability

Modern plug-in spraying systems with 8-fold sliding table spraying molds ensure a high level of process reliability.


Fully automatic extrusion line with double overhead drains.
Safety checks

Safety checks

100% electrical safety testing is standard for us.


Through our all-inclusive trading program we offer the possibility to get everything from one source.

Your cable manufacturer in Germany: Quality at Plastro Mayer

Plastro Mayer GmbH has been run as a family business since 1957, now in its third generation. We are your expert for the production of first-class cables and wires, including custom-fit cable assemblies, in Germany. We attach great importance to safety standards and quality assurance for our products, which are subject to strict testing procedures. In addition, all Plastro Mayer products are produced at the company site in Trochtelfingen and bear the "Made in Germany" quality mark.

As a supplier to industry and trade, we are an innovative and absolutely reliable manufacturer of mains connection cables, which we customize according to customer requirements. Outstanding quality, reliability and a customer-friendly price-performance ratio are just some of the reasons for our excellent reputation as a cable assembler and manufacturer.

Our references range from well-known companies such as Kärcher to Liebherr and Miele, because at Plastro Mayer you receive an all-round solution for your entire appliance production - from injection molding to complete assembly - in addition to customer-specific custom-made products.

Find out more about our versatile cable solutions and cable assemblies, which you can order in small or large series

The cable sector is particularly extensive and demanding in terms of safety and quality requirements. Our product range extends from extension cables to mains connection cables, such as cold appliance cables, warm appliance cables and hot appliance cables, through to earthed sockets in various designs and standards.

We process yard goods into pre-assembled cables for all countries within and outside Europe. A process in which the pure copper cables (strands) are covered by cable sheaths and then subjected to a comprehensive electrical safety test. You can find a comprehensive overview of our products in our catalog.

Connector types

The Plastro Mayer range includes around 28 different plug types to connect your devices safely and reliably to the power supply in different countries. If you also select the right cable, we can assemble your plug directly.

Supply lines

As a cable supplier, we customize the mains connection cables between your electrical appliance and the plug connector to meet your needs, from earthing contact cables to cold and hot appliance supply cables. We also stock standard cables, which are available from stock and can be perfectly adapted to your order as part of the cable assembly process. Please note the required cable type when selecting the supply cable.

Device sockets and device plugs

Plastro Mayer offers various adapters to ensure compatibility between two different interfaces or connection types. In addition, we also manufacture individual special parts on customer request, whether in large or small series. Simply contact us personally.

Protective contact socket outlets

As a manufacturer of socket outlets, our comprehensive range also includes single and multiple earthing contact socket outlets in various technical and design versions. The difference between a socket outlet with earthing contact and a "normal" socket outlet is an additional earthing contact, which ensures increased safety.

Strain reliefs

Cable grommets are small but important components in many electrical installations and projects. They are used to route cables through walls, housings or control cabinets, while at the same time protecting the cable from damage and ensuring safe cable routing.

Special parts and adapters

Appliance plugs and appliance sockets are components that are used for the simple and safe electrical connection of devices to a power source. Find the right appliance sockets and plugs for your needs, from IEC appliance plugs to central contour plugs and angled appliance sockets.

Get in touch with our cable manufacturing & cable assembly experts now

cable contact

Christian Folberth

Sales Manager Cable
We would be happy to advise you personally about our products and services, because in addition to our standard products, as a cable manufacturer we offer you customized cables or an all-round solution for complete device production. We respond to every request on a customer-specific basis. You can reach us by phone, e-mail or via our contact form. Ideally, please provide us with the following information: • Supply cable type (e.g. H05VV) • Number of cores (e.g. 3) • Core cross-section (e.g. 1.5 qmm) • Cable length (e.g. 2,500 mm) • sheath color (e.g. black) • the assembly of the two sides (e.g. first side Schuko plug, second side 30 mm only stripped) • quantity Don't have the details to hand? No problem, contact us with the information you have and with the support of our experts we will find the right version in terms of technology and design.

FAQ's cable manufacturer

How are power supply cables manufactured at Plastro Mayer?
The twisted copper strands are insulated with soft PVC during the manufacture of the bulk cable. Our protection class 2 Euro plugs, for example, have a PVC sheath and can be used up to a load of 2.5 amps at a voltage of 250 volts. We extrude copper wires (stranded wires) and cable sheathing on a single machine on our fully automated extrusion line with double overhead unwinding. A comprehensive safety test is always carried out at the end of the process.
What does it mean to be a cable manufacturer in Germany?
As a manufacturer of mains connection cables, we are committed to producing suitable cables for all mains connections. As a manufacturer of cables and wires, we serve a global market. Countries and regions, both within and outside Europe, have individual cables and mains connections for both building services and the latest information technology. That is why we offer our customers ready-made cables according to individual agreements.
What information is required for an inquiry to a cable manufacturer?
Ideally, you should know the following details for your inquiry to the cable manufacturer: • Supply cable type (e.g. H05VV) • Number of cores (e.g. 3) • Core cross-section (e.g. 1.5 qmm) • Cable length (e.g. 2,500 mm) • sheath color (e.g. black) • the assembly of the two sides (e.g. first side Schuko plug, second side 30 mm only stripped) • quantity
How can I be sure that the supply cables from the cable manufacturer Plastro Mayer are electrically alright?
Our modern connector injection systems with 8-fold sliding table injection molds guarantee a high level of process reliability. Plastro Mayer cables are manufactured by skilled experts in accordance with all legal requirements and are 100% electrically tested. We are characterized by professional and high-quality cable assembly. We are also monitored and tested at regular intervals by the VDE testing institute on the basis of national and international harmonized standards. Our internal quality management system is also certified by the DQS institute in accordance with DIN ISO 9001:2015 and is monitored by regular audits.
What other services does Plastro Mayer offer?
The combination of the four business areas of injection molding, cables, toolmaking and appliance assembly makes Plastro Mayer stand out from the competition. Thanks to our extensive core competencies, we can cover the entire device manufacturing process and offer our customers a high-quality all-round solution. In addition to the standard versions in our catalog, we also manufacture customized cables, cable harnesses, connectors, appliance sockets and much more. We carry out the cable assembly according to your order. Please contact us and we will be happy to advise you personally about our products.
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