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Cable cord sets

Plastro Mayer offers cable cord sets for all countries available as well as cable extensions, cold condition-/ hot condition cordsets and a wide range of customized cable cord sets.

We produce harmonised PVC sheathed cables directly in Trochtelfingen on our fully automated extrusion system. The single cores are produced in house and the moulding of the cable jackets around the strained cores is also done in house.

The PVC cord sets as well as rubber cord sets we customize as requested or mould country specific plugs.

A fully automated cable manufacturing system, crimping machines with automated crimp force monitoring, modern plug injection moulding systems with sliding tables as well as an 100% electrical safety test guarantee highest process reliabilities.

Our production range is completed with certified partners and we are able to offer cord sets for every country in this world.

Please contact us, if you have inquiries of any kind. We are always available for you.


Standard cable cord sets

Cable cord sets are available in basically every colour. For low production lots, we will check the availability of the requested colour.

If you want to order our standard cable cord sets, please use the catalogue numbers.


Colour code of the cores (german abreviations):

black=sw; brown=br; grey=gr; orange=or; white=ws

Please contact us – we are glad to consult you.


Electrical supplies for Switzerland

Plastro Mayer is delivering multiple sockets, adapters and eletrical supplies to Switzerland for many years.

Our partner for Switzerland:

M. Schönenberger AG
Industriestrasse 17

CH-5507 Mellingen
Tel. +41 (0) 564818141
Fax +41 (0) 564818145