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High standards and demanding plastic injection moulded parts are also required in the household goods industry.

Refrigerator shelves require high quality. These are transparent and also require high dimensional accuracy. Drawers in the refrigerator are thin-walled and must withstand the cold.

But internal injection moulded parts also require the highest precision and dimensional accuracy. Here we also complete many appliances in our assembly department and deliver them in sales cartons.

Our household customers include Liebherr, Miele, Mockmill and Mockbake.

For Mockmill, for example, we manufacture a grain mill made of bio-based plastic, which also contains wood particles. All plastic injection moulded parts of this mill are produced in our plant 1 and the cables are produced in our plant 2 for these products. We purchase the millstone and motor and completely assemble the flour mill in our assembly department, pack it in the sales box and then deliver it to the final stores, from where the products are sold directly to the final consumer.

Cables for hoovers, washing machines, dishwashers or coffee machines etc. are also manufactured directly by us in Trochtelfingen.

Here are some more examples of plastic parts that are commonly found in the household goods industry:

  1. kitchen utensils: plastic parts are used in the production of cutting boards, cooking spoons, spatulas, bowls, measuring cups and many other kitchen utensils.
  2. storage containers: plastic containers in various sizes and shapes are used to store food, spices, supplies and other household items.
  3. dishes and cutlery: plates, bowls, cups, glasses and cutlery can be made of plastic and are often unbreakable and lightweight.
  4. household appliances: plastic parts are found in various household appliances such as coffee machines, toasters, blenders, kettles, hoovers and many others.
  5. storage systems: plastic shelves, drawer organisers, clothes hangers, storage boxes and baskets are used.
  6. cleaning products: Plastic parts are also used in the manufacture of cleaning brushes, buckets, brooms, mops and other cleaning equipment.
  7. bathroom accessories: plastic parts can be found in the production of soap dispensers, toothbrush holders or even mobile phone holders for the WLAN-enabled toothbrushes.

Plastics are widely used in the household goods industry due to their versatility, durability, lightness, ease of moulding and resistance to moisture and chemicals.

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