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We are proud to present the Mockmill 100, as well as the Mockmill 200 stone mill for grain, legumes and spices, which is produced and assembled in Trochtelfingen.

We are pleased to produce a product made from bio-based plastics, with all our 4 competencies, for Wolfgang Mock GmbH.
The Plastro Mayer tool shop, the Plastro Mayer plastic parts manufacturing, the Plastro Mayer cable production and the Plastro Mayer assembly are combined here in this product!
All from one hand...Made in Germany (Trochtelfingen)

By the way, these are available for sale:


We wish the Wolfgang Mock GmbH much success in the distribution of this great stone mill!

from Plastro Mayer Team

mock mhle fb1

mock mhle fb2

mock mhle fb3